Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm sure you may have noticed I have not been able to get on and post the usual updated pictures of our family. Life has been crazy! In October, after much prayer, Jay stepped down from his role as the Worship Pastor at our church. God has been putting a passion in Jay's heart for awhile to pursue his CPA and work in the business world. I know that Jay will be used in amazing ways to bless the hearts of many business men by telling them about Jesus and demonstrating the love of Christ through friendship and encouragement. He will always have a passion for worship and I feel confident that he will be a part of the worship team in one way or another wherever God may lead us. He has been thrilled that the new worship pastor at our church has invited him to play and sing with him each week and I am loving still having him up there to help lead our church in worship! We sold our house in 16 days (Praise God!) in October and were lovingly welcomed to live in the beautiful basement of some good friends from church's home. This has been amazing and the kids love it there. They have two dogs and Michael calls this season of our lives "Our adventure with the dogs." The kids love greeting the dogs as we pull into the driveway and giving them hugs, kisses and a bone. Right now I am working more (about 2 days a week as opposed to about 2 a month that I was doing) in the Pediatric ICU and really enjoying it. Jay who is the most amazing Daddy is home with our 2 buddies while I work and as much as I miss them I know they are having a blast with him. We are totally trusting that God will open up the door that He wants us to walk through in His perfect timing for Jay's job. We have such peace that He is in control and while Jay applies for job's and interviews, we get excited to think about what God has for us next! Our life together has been such a fun adventure so far with moving to Colorado after being married for 2 months and then coming here to do ministry. We have been blessed with the two most amazing boys and each other and I truly could not ask for anything more. I can't wait to see what He has for us next!

My computer is broken and since Jay is on his laptop quite often doing job application stuff, I haven't been able to post like I would like to. Hopefully this will change soon. I love being able to keep our family and friends up to date with what is going on with us and love hearing from you too!
Michael is 3 and it is such a fun age! He is talking like a little adult and Jay and I laugh daily at the cute things he says. I need to write them all down so I won't forget! We asked him a few months ago what he wanted to be when he grows up. He thought long and hard about it and then told us with much certainty that he wants to be a snowman. When we drive around town he will say the funniest things. We passed a gold car and he told me that he can't wait until he can learn to drive and have a gold car! We will pass a firetruck and he says he can't wait until he can drive his own firetruck. He told me the other day he can't wait to get big when daddy will teach him to play tennis ball, baseball, football, golf ball, soccer ball (and continued to name any ball he could think of!) He loves leading Joshua around the house giving him things to do and suggesting games they play together. He is officially potty trained as of Dec. and doing an awesome job with no accidents! He does still sleep in a diaper at night but wakes up excited to get his "undies" back on. He is very social and loves being with his friends at church. He has a blast with his best buddy Jocelyn. It is so precious how they recognize now that they are older that they are such good friends and get so excited to see each other. They are hilarious together and act like brother and sister (as evidenced yesterday when Michael was found to be sitting on Jocelyn's head at the mall play area and she came up with a cut on her lip and later that day she got him back by hitting him on the head with his play hammer...haha!) As active as he is, Michael loves to snuggle and I cherish my time snuggling beside him reading books or blasting off to the moon together in his darkened room! He has such an imagination. He loves to pray with Jay and I and is starting to ask for specific things we need to pray for. So sweet. He is such a gift and I love him so very much.
Joshua is 20 months now and absolutely adorable! He is copying everything Michael does and is so enamored with his big brother. He is talking a ton too saying things like "watch this" before anything he does. He like his big brother did loves shoes and putting them on and taking them off. The way he says "Michael" is so incredibly cute! He is a great eater which has been so nice since Michael is so picky. He loves the movie "Cars" and talking about Lightning, Mater and Doc. He is so laid back and loves to read. He will run up to me with book after book saying, "book, read!" He loves to cuddle too and will just sit in my lap with his head on my shoulder snuggling up for long periods of time. I love it! He has a smile that lights up the room and the sweetest personality. He is such a precious boy and I am so in love with him. He is definitely a Mama's boy right now which I love :) When I leave the room he follows after me calling, "Mama, Mama!" Our boys love Daddy time though!! They both love riding the "Bucking Bronco" aka Daddy's back and will both lay down asking to be tickled. Joshua is officially done taking a bottle at night and Michael has all but forgotten about his pacifier. They are growing up!
I will do my best to get more cute recent pictures up here! I have so many, I need to either get a new computer or get mine fixed! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! We love you!
Jay and Christy :)


Kacee said...

Hey, Christy!
Just wondering how things are going for you guys? I hate that you are no longer with us, but I know God has better plans!


congrats on the newest dillon on the way! i had no idea! you'll have to let me know how 3 of them pans out. we're thinking of venturing there in a year or two...scares me, thinking about how they will out number us. haha! glad you feel the same way i do about being a "real" mommy...every day can't be perfect...and sometimes just keeping them quiet is all that matters!

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