Sunday, September 27, 2009

A break from blogging ??

The kids playing at Chick-fil-A :) They have so much fun together. I have so many great pictures to post but am too tired tonight!
I have been taking a break lately from blogging. I am trying to find out what my blogging identity is I guess, haha! I love reading other people's blogs and hearing about what the Lord is teaching them, the fun things they do with their kids, looking at their sweet pictures, etc... Lately we have had so much going on I haven't really had much time to blog but I miss it and would love to possibly share more of our life in words through this blog. God has been doing so much and has recently done a great miracle in our Michael. Sometimes I wonder though if anybody even looks at this blog (haha) and if my time spent writing and putting pictures up is worth it. I can't decide. What should I do? If anyone is out there looking at our little family blog, I would love some feedback on if I should keep blogging or not. :) Thanks!