Thursday, August 6, 2009

My two boys...

Both at almost 14 months! :) Do you think they look alike?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cell Phone Pictures

The same day I found out how to upload cell phone video's, I figured out how to put up pictures too. Here are a few cute ones from the past year or two :)

It turns out Joshua has a hypersensitivity to mosquito bites! Check out his poor swollen ear and temple by his ear. We had a few family dinners out on the back porch and let the kids play in the yard. This was what happened afterwards! It didn't' seem to bother him but I was worried enough to pull a good family friend who is a doctor out of church Sun. morning to check it out! My sweet sensitive skinned baby :)
Our nightly ritual... Michael brushing his teeth seen here sporting his Spiderman PJ's (or jammies as we call them here!)
If I can't find Joshua, this is the first place I look! He loves to crawl under the computer desk and perch on top of our printer! Silly boy!
Joshua as a newborn
Joshua in the hospital right after his birth
Kisses from big brother the day we brought him home!
These boys are best buddies :)
Michael about a year and a half ago posing at the pediatrician's office
Love, love this one!! Michael at about Joshua's age at Walmart. He wore this thing on his head the whole trip laughing the entire time!
Daddy and Michael about a year and a half ago