Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cell Phone Video!

I finally figured out how to send pictures and video from my cell phone to the computer! So here are a few of my favorite video's of the kids :) Sorry they are pretty blurry. The first one is Michael making Joshua laugh at the kitchen table by placing "peek a boo." The second one is Michael tickling Joshua. The third is of the kids swinging at the park and the last one was taken about a year ago of Michael worshiping! That is one of my all time favorites!
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How He loves us!

I wanted to share two amazing songs that I love to play over and over in my house throughout the day as the boys and I do our thing :) They are so uplifting and remind me of how great my Father's love is for me and how I truly do surrender all to Him. I encourage you to listen!
"What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it- we're called children of God!"
-1 John 3:1 (The Message)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Kiss!

What more is there to say? Is this not so cute!! Jennifer and I agreed that if Michael and Jocelyn do indeed get married one day, we will have PLENTY of footage for a great slide show at their rehearsal dinner!

April trip to Birmingham!

I am pretty behind on updating our Blog but here are some cute pictures from my trip to Birmingham in April! I figured since I am going to be headed down for another visit very soon, it was about time to put these up! The boys and I went while Jay had to stay and work. We had so much fun with "Ama" and "Papa" and Aunt Sara and Uncle Drew! We had a picnic at the park and enjoyed catching up with each other!
Ama swinging her Joshua
Michael having fun!

Mama and her boys!
My little Ladies Man!
Ready for a stroll
Fun at another park! Don't you just love how I match the dinosaur!? ha
Aunt Sara and Michael going down the slide! (I don't think Michael was in the mood to have his picture taken!)
Getting a little more excited...
My beautiful Mama and Aunt Marilyn with Joshie
Sisters :)

Having fun playing with a neighborhood puppy
Michael loved the bigger dog. We will have to get a dog one day!
Georgeous sisters!