Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laughter :)

"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy!" -Psalm 126:2

We have a lot of laughter around here with these two boys! I am so behind on blogging and have pictures from April to catch up on but tonight wanted to share a glimpse of our laughter the past week or so (even with two very sick boys!) God is so good I can't help but praise Him and laugh and sing songs of joy!
Michael's new haircut! His too cute temporary Mohawk!
Bedtime fun!
Laughing at Michael making his silly faces (a few pictures down!)
I just love this picture... it truly captures what our family time looks like most of the time... lots of fun and laughter
Michael's silly face! (He loves to make us laugh!)
Two handsome boys!

This was right after I fed Joshua eggs for the first time... what do you think? Possible egg allergy? I think so! Luckily his face was the only thing affected!
Happy Father's Day, sweetheart!! I am so very blessed to be married to the love of my life, my best friend, the most amazing father to our babies. He gives 100% of himself every day and works so hard for our family. He is so hands on and is always blessing me by helping in any and every area: the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, feeding, changing, bathing, anything regarding the kids, making sure I have "us" and then also "me" time, encouraging me, etc... I could go on and on. His boys absolutely adore him and so do I! He is the best and I am so thankful for him! I love you, sweetheart!!! I also am very blessed with the most amazing Daddy ever! Happy Father's Day sweet Dad!!
Attempted picture of the guys!
I love the look on Joshua's face here... he is so excited!
Standing up all by himself!
Joshua loves some Mac and Cheese!
Silly faces at dinner time
Joshua loving it :)

And lastly, some funny positions I have found Michael asleep in the past few weeks!
Sweet boy :)
Yes, he does nap in his pack n play. I gave up on trying to keep him in his bed for over an hour when all I have to do is lay him in the pack n play and he naps for 2 good hours until I have to go wake him up. Makes life a little easier!
This was taken around midnight. How funny!
I love watching these boys together... sharing Joshua's puffs

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The difference a year makes...

Just reminiscing... Here is Joshua last June (I love his sleepy smiles.. this is at 3 days old.)
And a year later!
And my Michael last June after swimming at the pool...
And this year having fun playing at The Cove in the lake!
The years are going by too fast.... Slow down!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Boy :)

The clock just hit 8:41, the exact time my precious Joshua David entered the world one year ago. (When I started this post anyways!) I am so thankful for him today, and everyday. He is such a joy in our lives. He is truly the happiest baby I have ever known and never stops smiling. His grin will never cease to bring a smile to your own face too :) He loves life, his big brother, trying to walk, standing on his own, eating, nursing, sleeping, being cuddled and being sung to. Thank you, Jesus, for an amazing year with our most precious Joshie!
P.S. Many more fun pictures from his little party and today coming tomorrow. Blogger picture up loader is going way too slow and I am tired :) They are up on my Facebook though!