Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing catch up: The end of April

I have so much catching up to do on our blog!  For some reason I have felt extra busy these past few weeks and also have felt the need to step away from the blog world some and focus that time on the Lord :)  We have had an amazing past few weeks though with many fun pictures that will come soon.  Jay and I got to go to the Coldplay and Hillsong United concerts, I had some wonderful time with my family about a month ago in Birmingham and we have had a blast at several birthday parties of our friend's kids.  We went to Memphis after Jay's precious Grandpa Dillon passed away and got to spend some really special time with his family.  Jay and I celebrated 4 years on the 28th of May and Joshua is going to be turning 1 on June 10th!!  I can't believe how much has changed in 4 years and how very blessed we are as a family.  I am humbled each day to wake up to such an incredible husband who loves the Lord, myself and our boys unconditionally and truly lives his life to serve me, encourage me, provide for our family and makes me laugh all the time!  And just looking at my two precious boys who I love more than life itself brings me to tears.  More than anything though I feel the incredible joy in having a Savior who died so that I can have a relationship with Him and spend eternity with Him.  He loves me and gives me the strength and wisdom required to be a wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister, etc.. and I will praise Him all my days!!  I will praise Him just for being Him, my awesome and all powerful God.  
Family night at 5 Guys Burger and Fries (our favorite burger place here!)
Mama and her boy 
First taste of ice cream!  He loved it!!
Wanting more!
This speaks for itself... Michael also loves ice cream!  Hey, who doesn't?!
Another thing Michael loves... all of the fountains!!

I love this picture... my little guys and their cute booties!!
Reese's 3rd Birthday party!

Yes, Michael is wearing a headband!  And yes, he did wear it the entire party!!  He is so funny!  I told him after that girls wear headbands but he is boy enough to not let it embarrass him! haha :)
He loved the chocolate cupcakes!
Joshua watching all the fun and having some himself with this ball
All tuckered out at the end of the party.  So sweet :)

What Jennifer and I do at all the parties and play dates! :)  Take lots of pictures of our cute kids!
And what the men do... :)  Stand aside and talk!
These two sure have fun together!
Michael pouring water on poor Jocelyn!
I am in love...
I love this little guy so much... he makes me smile all the time :)
First time this year to pull the pool out!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last week Jay and I got to go to a Coldplay concert in Birmingham!!  We had a blast!  My awesome parents watched the boys and we even got a dinner date before!  We felt young again...haha!  A few months ago we made a spontaneous decision to get tickets because we had always wanted to see them live and we are so glad we did!  It was a great time and great to see my family too.
Before the show!  

Chris Martin!

It ended up getting down to around 45 degrees this night so I was so glad Sara had some jackets she had left at my parents house!  It was a lifesaver! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Night with My Boys

Tonight I had a night with my little boys.  We had so much fun together just playing and being silly.  It was raining really hard outside and I had my computer playing worship music and we just played and danced.  It was a sweet time :)
My handsome boys watching it rain.  Michael insisted on being "naked"!  He loves to run around in just his diaper!
Being silly with my boy.   I asked him to make his silly faces and this is what he did...

Ha ha gotta love this one!

Playing along with the music just like daddy
I love these boys!!
And they love each other!!
Joshua ready to be done with this hug from big brother!
They were crawling side by side all throughout the house.  It was pretty funny to watch!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Month We...

Had lots of fun with Jocelyn and Jennifer at the park!  These two were so cute holding hands as we walked back to our cars :)
Cute little red cheeks after playing!

Goodbye hugs!!  So sweet!
We went and watched daddy play in his soccer game and got to hang out with Luke and Jessica while he watched his daddy play too.
The kids always bring their own soccer balls and have a blast chasing after them while they cheer for their daddies!
We had special time with just mommy at the park!
Michael had more fun watching this tractor mow the grass than playing on the playground!!  He was mesmerized :)

He told me he was playing "twinkle, twinkle little star," his current favorite song along with "Jesus loves me" and "the Michael song" which is a rendition of a song my dad made up for me.  He loves to sing and play the piano.  I wouldn't be surprised if he is musical just like his daddy one day :)

More fun things from last month coming soon...