Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick again...

I finally thought we were all healthy again and Sunday I had to take the kids home from church early because Michael wouldn't stop crying in his classroom which is extremely unlike him.  It turns out he has a really bad ear infection and is taking 10 MORE days of antibiotic and ear drops.  Poor guy.  Here he is after church cuddling and napping with his exhausted and amazing daddy.
So sweet

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feeling better and loving the weather

Joshua is feeling so much better so thank you so much for your prayers.  I have no doubt the Lord heard them as Joshua is finally back to his old self!  His fever got really high (104) Tuesday night and I brought him back in on Wed. and he had additional blood work and another chest x ray done.  The dr. said his lungs actually looked a lot better and his white blood cell count was starting to come down.  Thursday he felt better with fewer fevers and Friday he was ready to play outside some :)  The warm weather has been so beautiful here and I am so thankful it is finally here! 
Having fun in the swing!  Michael loves to push his brother!
I think we may have a future baseball player in our family!  He loves playing with his t-ball set and actually makes really good contact with the ball and hits it really far!  Good job, buddy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Posts in One Day: Easter Sunday and Pneumonia

Yes, it is true, this little angel has pneumonia.  He has had a bad cold on and off for quite awhile now (actually it feels like both my boys have been sick since the first of Jan... ) but anyways I took him in around March 16th and he had an ear infection.  We took 10 days of antibiotics for that and when we went in for a re check the infection was gone.  He could not get rid of this cough though so we took him back in yesterday and after doing blood work and a chest x ray it was confirmed that he has pneumonia.  This is my sweet boy right after I had taken a temperature that read 103.2.
But typical of my Joshua, this was not going to keep him from being his smiley self!!

Easter Sunday (Get ready for a lot of pictures!!)

I hope you and your family had an amazing Easter Sunday celebrating what our incredible Jesus did for us!  We had a great morning worshiping Him at church.  I actually taught the 3-5 year olds which was fun but Jay said worship and Pastor Jaime's message was great and I am looking forward to listening to it on the Internet here:  http://www.mountainridgechurch.com/
After church we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and Michael had a blast this year running after the eggs with his little basket!  

The Dillon Family Easter 2009
Easter 2008 ~6 months pregnant with Joshua (We have grown!  I wonder what next Easter will look like! haha!)
Daddy with the kids right before the Easter egg hunt
They were rearing to go!
Jocelyn was one of the first out!  Doesn't she look so pretty?
Here comes Michael!!
Daddy helping lead the way
I thought this was funny...  Jay helping Joshua pick up an Easter egg while Michael cheers him on!
Crossing paths (It looks like Michael is checking out how many she has!)

Best buddies :)
"I found one, Mommy!"
My sweet Joshua wasn't feeling very good but he sure looked cute!
Mama and her boys
Jennifer, Christa and I with our kiddos (Michael was off looking for eggs and I think we were standing in a bad shadow... sorry girls!  I hope Chris got some better shots!)  
Last year Christa, myself and Jennifer!  It's fun to compare :)  Check out my preggo belly!
Jay snapping away
Michael looked so handsome in his Easter outfit that his Nan gave to him when he was just a baby.  It was very exciting to finally be able to put him in it!  Everyone loved it! :)  Thanks, Nan!

Showing Joshua what he has found
And now telling him where he is headed to find more!
Kisses before he is off
Leaving one happy baby brother :)
Watching big brother go!
And he is running!

The beautiful Fulmer family
My baby boy right before we left... he was very ready to get home and get into his crib for a long nap!
Michael chewing on some candy

When we got home I surprised the boys with another photo shoot!  haha, They loved it!

I love these pictures of the boys by the tulips.  They are so intrigued with them.

Later in the afternoon doing our Easter baskets!  I didn't get a picture of the ones I gave the boys and Joshua bless his heart was asleep by 6 so he didn't participate but here Michael is loving his basket from Nan!  (He also got some sweet goodies and cards from Grandma and Mimi, thanks guys you are all the best and we love you!)
Yay for bubble bath!