Monday, March 30, 2009

Sara got married!!!

My amazing sister and best friend, Sara, got married this past Saturday night.  She looked so incredibly beautiful and the wedding was just perfect and so much fun.  I went home Tues. night and we got back this afternoon.  It was wonderful getting to spend so much time with her and my family.  More pictures will be coming soon but I couldn't hold in my excitement for her tonight!  She and Drew are in Hawaii and I am so jealous and so happy for them!  Congratulations you guys!!  God is going to do awesome things through you together! 

Monday, March 23, 2009

My boys in their orange!

Joshua discovering the grass the other day :)  It was the first time he had actually crawled around on it and he loved it.  He was even trying to eat it... haha
Loving life
The art of a jump:
Checking his positioning...
Giving me the "mom, is it ok?" look
Ready for take off
And there he goes!
And the landing
Very proud of himself :)

Please Pray!

Please join me in praying for McMama's precious baby Stellen who is in the Pediatric ICU having heart problems.  He was miraculously healed in utero from a fatal heart condition and was brought to the hospital last night and his heart is stuck in SVT (a very fast rhythm).  This is life threatening.  Here is her blog if you don't already follow it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Build A Bear time!

We had our family night Monday night and took the kids to the mall for Michael to make his very first build a bear!  We had gotten a gift card from some sweet friends for a build a bear at Michael's first birthday and decided to save it until he could really enjoy it.  That he did!  He had a blast picking out his animal and running around the store.  

Hugging one of his choices...
Leading Daddy to what he wanted to look at next
Will it be brown bear?
Or the frog?
Or the monkey?
Or the turtle?  We will have to see...
Picking out his heart
And rubbing it to life!
Giving his bear a bath
And hugging his brown "football" bear (I promise he truly is thrilled!  Just getting tired!)
Now for the tired two year old moment :)
And happy again... strolling brown bear through the mall (yes, he had to have the stroller.  He loves playing with his friend Jocelyn and Anna's strollers!  At least it is boy colors!)
Daddy and Michael with their strollers

Ending the night with our favorite...Chick fil A!  This is the point where a security guard came and informed us that it is illegal to take pictures in the mall.  Who knew?  At least we got to record a good bit of our fun family build a bear night :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Joshua

I am in love with my family.  There is no other way to put it; they light up my life!  I feel so amazingly blessed to have my sweetheart husband who is my very best friend and my two precious boys.  Joshua is growing and changing so much these days.  Here he is in his first warm weather outfit this year looking so handsome!
And this was a new sight too!  I found him up on his knees when I went to get him from his crib after his nap today.  He has been a little slower than Michael was in crawling and standing, etc.. and I love that because it feels like I get to keep him as a baby longer.  But today he surprised me by greeting me up on his knees so proud and so cute :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok, I'll admit it...

I do let my 2 year old sleep in his car seat in the garage after he has fallen asleep on the way home from running errands.  And as you can see from the picture, I also let him eat lunch on his "tray" that he loves that clips onto his seat.  Yep, I try to make my life as stress free as possible :)  It's what you've gotta do!
Monitor strategically placed in van so when he wakes up I can hear him right away and he won't get scared!
Oh and by the way, my sweet Michael now tells me he loves me without any prompting by me!  It is the most wonderful thing in the world :)  Tonight he walks into the kitchen and without me saying anything says, "I love you Mommy".  It's the best!  He also says other super cute things like, "what's going on?" and "what are you doing?" and when I sneak upstairs to check my email, "where are you, Mommy?"  So fun!  Also Joshua is technically crawling now after doing his version of the army crawl for a month or so.  We are so proud of him!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Professional Pictures!

We had our very first professional pictures taken back in January!  They turned out really cute so I wanted to share!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I cannot keep this sweet boy in his bed!  Here is how I found him when he FINALLY fell asleep yet again on the floor at 11pm tonight.   He was put to bed around 7:45 and has a great and consistent bedtime routine.  We have tried everything from Supernanny's routine to lying next to him until he falls asleep and don't know what to do!  Oh well, he is a healthy and happy boy and for that I praise my Jesus!

Notice how he lines up his lego's and his books.  I found him reading his books to his stuffed animals in his bed about 30 minutes before this last shot.  He is so cute and so much fun.  If only we could figure out how to keep him in bed!  I did unplug the lamp that he can turn on himself... hopefully that will help.  I think tomorrow we are going to be removing all the toys as well.  We will see!

Skipping Rocks With Daddy

The weather was so beautiful last week so we took the kids to our favorite park here.  Michael had so much fun trying to skip rocks with his daddy.  Joshua also had a blast swinging for the very first time!  I wish you could see his sweet smile but my camera battery died right after this last picture of Michael with his rocks.  Sad!  We had the boys swinging side by side and the cutest park was how happy it made Michael to hear Joshua laughing.  He kept saying, "Joshua laughing!"  and it was making him laugh.  I love how they love each other :)
Michael loves rocks!
Handing a rock to Daddy

Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime Fun!

Joshua's first time eating lasagna!!  He loved it!

I love how he sucks his fingers :)  It's so cute!
Michael contemplating eating his lasagna (did I mention he is a picky eater?  haha!)

Jay found Michael like this last night and went to find the camera.  It was so cute I went to peek in on Michael around 9 (his bedtime is 7:30) and he had turned his lamp on and was sitting in bed flipping through one of his favorite books.  He is like his mama, he loves to read!  It was actually funny because he knows he is not supposed to get out of bed so he was in bed reading.  Apparently he forgot the rules though because he was found like this, surrounded by his books!
The weather has been so beautiful the last few days so we have had some fun family outings!  We went and got ice cream and Michael got his own cup of chocolate which you can tell by the pictures he LOVED!!
Joshua taking a bite of my cone.  He is trying a little bit of everything these days :)  I am determined to make him a better eater than Michael is by letting him try everything early!  I was very over protective with Michael and picky about what I let go into his mouth and to this day, he is so very picky!
Reaching for Mama's ice cream!
My boys :)

I took the boys to the park Sat. while Jay was at our church's Encounter retreat.  We had so much fun!  I had Joshua in his sling and Michael had a blast going up and down the slide all by himself!  We also took the kids to the park together today and Joshua got to swing for the very first time!  He loved it and I was so sad because I went to take pictures and my camera battery had died!!
Big boy!
He loves playing with sticks!

Loving it!
Ready to get out!

Another visit to the doctor... the kids have been sick for what seems like almost 3 months straight!  This time it was bad colds for both.  I was worried Michael had an ear infection but luckily he didn't!  It is quite an adventure bringing both kids to the doctor.  Our nurse is really sweet and laughs at me coming in with my big double stroller!  I'm telling you what though, its the only way to do it!