Friday, February 27, 2009

Happiest Baby On The Block

I didn't have to follow any books to get the happiest baby on the block, we are just so blessed to have this precious happy boy and his big brother (who by the way is not into taking pictures right now at all... I have to sneak them to get good smiles; but he is happy too!)  

Almost crawling!!

Joshua is trying so hard to crawl!  He is very close!  I realize I need to spend more time with him upstairs on our carpet because he can get much better traction to lift himself up than on the hardwood where he slides :)  He is very proud of himself and is doing the whole swaying back and forth cute!  We are so proud of him!
Lifting himself up!
"Here I go, Mom!"
Working hard! (Doing push ups!)
"I'm off!"
Sitting up so proud of himself :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time with Mama and Sara

Last month, Jay got the opportunity to go skiing with his good friend, Adam, in Jackson Hole, WY!  He had a blast and my amazing mom and sister came to Knoxville for 4 nights to visit and help with the kids.  We had so much fun together and I cannot thank them enough for their wonderful company and help!  I love this girl time and wish so much we could have it more often!!

Jay skiing!  Look at how beautiful it is!
Adam and Jay on the ski lift
"Ama" and Joshie!  I love his big smile!  And isn't my mom absolutely gorgeous?!
Not only do I have a gorgeous mom, but also a gorgeous sister!!
Sara and I with our "scrunched" hair she showed me how to do and Michael Caleb
Joshua is loving some Ama time!
He wasn't so sure what to think about his applesauce!

We got really brave and took the kids to PF Changs, one of my favorites!  They did surprisingly well :)  Not at all like that last Chili's post!
All the ladies at PF Changs
Loving kisses from Ama!
Michael's "I don't want to take a picture" face
Sisters :)
Sweet Sara and her baby nephew

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is my Joshua 8 months old already?

It just seems like yesterday my Michael Caleb was 8 months old!  Here he is, my talking, running, cuddly, independent, sensitive, strong willed, handsome toddler at 8 months old!
And here is my precious angel boy at 8 months... you can tell they are brothers but I think they have their own look.  It's fun to compare pictures though.  What do you think?
And here is Michael with his good buddy, Zachary on Monday.  I got to go to my friend Krista's and have some much needed adult time while the kids had a blast playing together.  Thanks for having us, Krista, and thanks for being such a blessing in my life!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sitting side by side watching Little Einsteins...what could be sweeter? 
A little closer
Joshua adores his big brother!

This is what happens when you leave a 2 year old downstairs by himself for a few minutes...
Yes,  he got into the trash can!  (Just like a little puppy as Sara put it!)  That is old ground coffee all over his hands and under his finger nails!  If you look closely, you can see the waffle from yesterday (next to the diaper) that he wanted to get to and yes, was eating!  Nice...
A lunch like many others lately... a bad case of the terrible twos and his two year old molars coming in = no fun!  He did not want the grilled cheese I had made him and I am trying my hardest to train him he needs to eat what I make for him.  I try to give him several healthy options but I'm telling you what... this is stressful!  He woke up from his nap after going to bed hungry after about 20 minutes wailing which in turn woke Joshua.  Being a mommy definitely has it's hard days like this afternoon but it is so very worth it.  And I promise Michael has plenty of happy, well behaved moments too :)
Joshua experimenting with a sippy cup, banana and pretzel sticks.  He is his usual smiley self :)  Thank goodness that the Lord blessed me with such a little angel while big brother as amazing and  precious as he is is struggling with the terrible twos!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


A few weeks ago Michael started sleeping in a big boy bed!!  We have had the twin bed in his room for a few months and he has been asking to sleep in it.  One day while I was at work, Jay decided to try letting him take a nap in it.  He did great and loved it and has been in it ever since. The headboard and foot board are my Dad's parents who have passed away so they are very special.  We have had a hard time keeping him it in though so any suggestions are very welcome :)  I have been trying the Supernanny technique of silently leading him back to it after we have done the whole bedtime routine.  Last night around 11:30 I went to peek on him as I do every night and felt his little body against the door as I opened it.  He was sound asleep on the floor up against the door!!  It was so cute but so sad.  Anyways, here is his bed before nap time...
And after!!  The one great thing about the big boy bed is after naps and in the morning he loves to play quietly in his room.  It is always such a mess when I go to get him though!!
Lying with Daddy on his new cars and trucks bed set!  (Making his silly face!)
Joshua's room!  We have been so blessed to have borrowed one of our friend's cribs the last 8 months so now Joshua is in Michael's old crib :)

So exciting!!

Being silly putting on Daddy's glasses :)

Our attempted family night out at Chili's a few weeks ago.  Joshua's first time to sit in a high chair!  This meal was so difficult it was actually funny.  Michael was in a terrible mood and had to be taken out to the car around 4-5 times to be talked to / spanked for his behavior.  It was hilarious.   All Jay and I could do was laugh.
Holding a very unhappy boy
As usual, Joshua was in good spirits!  He has never taken a pacifier but loves chewing on these spoons.
Ok terrible picture of me being funny for Jay but this truly was what we looked like.  If you can see the little kid being held behind me, his family came by us on their way out and told us not to worry that they totally understood.   We still got many a funny look from other people this night though!
The Dillon family of 4! :)  Dinners aren't quite as easy as they used to be but we wouldn't have it any other way!
Bath time!!  The boys are bathing together now and have so much fun!

Michael after dumping a bucket of water over his head!  He thinks this is hilarious!
Bathtime hugs :)
It snowed a lot a few weeks ago; the most I have seen since we lived here.  Unfortunately our boys did not get to go out and play in it much because they have been sick.  So here we are at the doctor with Michael longingly looking out at the pretty white snow as he called it :)
Me and my Joshie in his cute hat :)