Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching up... Michael's 2nd Birthday!!

On December 5th, we celebrated Michael's 2nd birthday (which was Dec. 7th) by having a group of close friends over with their kids.  We had a firetruck themed party this year which Michael picked out himself at Party City.  He saw that section of decorations and had to have it and it was so cute so that's what we did!  We had a lot of fun visiting with friends and celebrating Michael's life together.  

Michael's firetruck cake I made him from scratch!  Yes, I am proud :)  It took about 5 things of red food coloring to make my icing red and not pink!

Michael's mini firetruck cake

Watching Cars while waiting for his guests to arrive :)

Our Christmas tree we picked out from Lowes!

His first gift!  Thanks cousin Kelli!

A playroom full of kids!

This is so cute... Jocelyn and Anna mothering over little Joshua :)

An attempted family picture!  (Yes, that is drool on my arm!)

Sweet Kelly, Maddison, Jennifer and I

One side of the room ready to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy

And the other!

Compare Michael here at his first birthday party...

To his second!  He has changed so much!  This year he is running and talking and eating big people food and dancing and singing and has just gotten so smart :)  I am so proud of our big boy!  He loves The Little Einsteins and The Wiggles and Cars and Veggie Tales and his favorite color is blue.  He loves to brush his teeth and take his baths and he loves his "guys" (Paci, bear blankie and doggie).  He loves making his little brother smile and also loves to hide behind furniture and act silly.  He loves being rocked and read to at bedtime and he loves "snuggles" with mommy and daddy.  His favorite books right now are Thomas the Train and Goodnight Moon and he does realize when you try to skip words to get to the end of the book faster :)  He knows all of his colors and is learning his ABC's and to count.  He counts right now by saying "1, 2, 3, 5, 6!"  He loves his hot wheels cars and has to have one with him wherever he goes.  He is such a joy in our lives and it is so much fun being his mommy. 

Blowing out his candles!

Finally digging in!

Opening gifts!  This part was really funny because we were trying to go through it quickly because there were so many gifts and Michael would get so upset each time we had to pass on a new gift to get to the next one.   He would laugh and then be crying the next minute.  We probably should have waited and opened them later and let him enjoy them one by one.   He got some amazing gifts though so thank you so much!

Michael: "I want that last toy back... now!!!"

"Okay, I am happy now."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


 "Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven"
-Matthew 18:4
Lord, make me like this child worshiping at Your feet.  Humble me.
(This is a little girl worshiping at New Life Church in CO where Jay and I lived our first year of marriage.  It was so humbling and precious to see.)

So here I am at home having a night by myself because Jay is at Paradox (our awesome youth group) leading worship.  It has been one of those harder days with the kids.  Michael woke up with a runny nose and has felt bad all day which left him unable to nap which as any of you mama's know can make a day really hard.  Joshua has been super easy and happy as usual and napped like a champ but something about the combination of the rainy yucky weather and Michael not feeling good has had me in one of those crummy moods.  One of those moods you hate to admit but you are ready for the kids to go to bed so you can have a few minutes of alone time.  So tonight I had swirling in my head a huge to do list of things like writing sweet friends back on Facebook and emails, several dear friends who I am missing and dying to talk to that I could call, mountains of toys spread throughout the house I could clean up, dishes to be washed and loaded into the dishwasher and the list goes on... I decided to go ahead and get my first shower of the day and brush my teeth (yes, at 7:00) after putting the kids to bed and while showering the Holy Spirit was clearly beckoning me to spend some much needed time with Him.  I know from my own experience that when this happens, the enemy will try to do absolutely anything to distract me from this much needed time so I wrote all of my to do's out on a post it note (which always helps me get them off of my mind) and lit a candle, turned on some worship music and spent some much needed time in the Word and worshiping.  It was incredible.  Isn't it funny how all of life's "to do's", even ridiculous things like Facebook can grip you and steal all of your precious free time?  (Which is so rare with 2 kids 2 and under!)  The Lord really spoke to me about humility and what it really means to walk as a follower of Jesus every day through rainy down days like today as well as fun, sunny, amazing days.  He is so good and so precious to me and so mighty and I am so thankful and humbled to have Him as the King of my life.  I always seem to just put pictures on our blog (which I will probably be adding soon but not tonight.. tonight is my date night with God!)  but I really felt lead to open myself up and give God the glory for each and every thing in my life tonight.  To Him be the glory for my family and friends and church and home and life.  Thank You, Jesus for the honor of being able to talk to You and worship You and hear from You.  You are worthy of all of my praise, all of my being, all of my everything.  I am humbled by how much You love me, how precious my life is to You. How precious all of your kids's lives are to You.  Thank You!!  Here are the lyrics to an amazing song Jay played for me last night from Phil Whickham called High Above that I have played on repeat for the past hour that are truly worshipful.  If you want to hear the song you can google Phil Whickham High Above Streaming.  I'm off for some more time with the Lord.  I'm so thankful that I fought my flesh which wanted to check off my to do list tonight and spent this time with my Savior.  May you all be blessed :) 

High Above

Your mercy falls with the rain
Your powers displayed in the wild ocean
Your presence will always remain
Jesus your love reaches to the heavens
You are God, high above the earth

Angels sing for You
Mountains melt at the sound of Your name
Oceans roar for You
All of creation gives You praise
You are God high above the earth

Jesus Your all that I need
Here is my life come and take it from me
Jesus You make me complete
With You at my side I can know no boundaries
You are God high above the earth

Angels sing for You
Mountains melt at the sound of your name
Oceans roar for You
And all of creation gives You praise
You are God high above the earth


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yesterday and Today!

I cannot believe it is already 2009!  Where has the time gone?  I was looking back at all of Michael's pictures when he was 6 months old and can't believe that Joshua is going to be 7 months old in a week!  I am so excited for this year and can't wait to see what God is going to be doing in our and other's lives!  I am dedicated this year to do the one year Bible each day (so if you see me, hold me accountable, please!!!  Jay and I tried to do it together last year and only made it through Feb!)  I am so hungry to have the Word in me every day so I can live it, breath it, and hear God speak it to me much more clearly.  I am also going to try to be more efficient with my time :)  Another HUGE thing I am going to do is break myself of sweets... yes, I am totally addicted!  It is going to be hard but it is one of the things I am going to be fasting in our church's 21 days of prayer and fasting and I plan to have a healthier eating lifestyle from there on out!  So, there are a few of my resolutions!  I am also going to try to keep up with our Blog better!  :)  

Here is Michael at 6 months...
And here is Joshua, taken today, at 6 months!  They look so similar but I think have such their own looks too :)
And my sweetheart Michael taken today at almost 25 months
(Notice both boys in their cute puppy dog PJ's provided by their sweet Great Aunt Marilyn!)

Micheal's 2nd birthday pics and Christmas pictures coming soon...