Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life with my boys :)

My always smiling Joshua David :)  He is the happiest baby I have ever known!
Caught on easy dinner night for mom in front of Cars!  Yes, I do this every so often when I am desperate!  Usually this occurs on the nights that Jay is at Paradox or worship practice!
Joshua smiling as he wakes up from his nap.  Michael didn't really do this but Joshua is all smiles when he wakes up.  So sweet!
They have my heart!
My precious Michael Caleb with his snuggle items... "Paci and bear"

Silly faces!

Michael loves to play with his brother.  Here he is racing his cars up and down the bouncer seat and then showing them to Joshua.  
Happy clean boy sporting his bib because he is a drooler!  His teeth are on their way for sure!
Looking like a big boy in big brother's bed!  They love being in the cribs together.
Michael stomping with his shoes on.  He was insistent on putting these shoes on over his footed PJ's!  I could barely get them on but he was going to get those things on!

My three loves... so sweet
These boys love their daddy!

Putting his finger in Joshua's mouth!  Just the start of i'm sure lots of "big brotherness" to come!

He is looking at me like, "What are you doing?"  But check out the super cute Spiderman PJ's!
Fingers are always in his mouth!  Joshua won't take a pacifier but at least he takes his fingers!
Sitting in gorilla's lap

These boys keep me entertained all day, every day!  What fun and hard work being a mommy is!  It is so rewarding :)
Big smiles!
Dancing to "Run" his favorite song on our Hillsong DVD that he loves
I can't believe my baby is 5 months old!
Yep, fingers in the mouth again!

Zachary's 3rd Birthday

We had a lot of fun with our good friends Krista and Zachary and baby Kenna last week celebrating Zachary's 3rd birthday!  The kids had a blast decorating cupcakes :)


Buddies :)  Michael loves playing with older kids... I think he thinks he is one!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun time in Birmingham!

It has taken me almost a month but here are quite a few pictures from my trip to visit my amazing family in Birmingham last month!  The boys and I got to go and visit with Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Sara!  We had so much fun together!  Jay had to work so sadly he could not come.  I got to see Sara try on her beautiful wedding dress, we had fun girl time at the mall, I got to see many precious friends and best of all spend some quality time with my family!  

Relaxed in Grandpa's lap!
Sweet baby happy to be in Grandma's arms
Grandpa and Grandma with their boys :)

Me and my handsome baby boys!
There is nothing better than kisses from my Michael Caleb!

Michael loved these little pumpkins!  

Hugs for the pumpkin!
Playing in the fall leaves!  So much fun!

Life is good :)

Kissing a Halloween decoration
Fun with his beautiful Aunt Sara!

Grandpa and his boys
I love this little guy so much!
Grandpa has so much fun playing with the boys :)
My baby boy... he brings so much joy to my heart!  I love him so very much too.  Thank you, Jesus for my boys!
Shopping with the girls!  So fun!

This monkey backpack comes in very handy at the mall!

Grandma and her grandbaby boy :)
My sweet friend from college, Kristy, meeting Joshua!
Michael walking around the house in Aunt Sara's shoes!  He does this all the time and it is so funny!!
Kristy and Christy with the kids
Getting excited to see Uncle Drew's truck!  (Michael's current favorite thing in the world is trucks!)

Playing with Uncle Drew's IPOD!

Having a blast in the back of the truck!
As soon as we got to Birmingham, Michael threw all of his toys onto the back deck and this is where he wanted to spend almost all of his time.  He loves being outside!
Reading to Joshua.  So sweet :)  Joshua loves his big brother so much.  I'm so glad they are going to be buddies!

Holding hands... can it get any sweeter? 

My handsome Joshua

Michael riding "Jo Jo" who has been in the family for years!  There are pictures of my dad and both my sister and I as babies riding this horse!  I wish I had them to post!