Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Hugging Grandma and Grandpa's pumpkin in Birmingham :)
On Tuesday of this week Jay came home with two pumpkins; one for each boy!  We had so much fun carving them and I think Jay did a great job!!

I think Michael is trying to say this his pumpkin is number 1!  (Unfortunately Joshua had gone to bed by this time so he didn't make any pictures.)
Kissing the pumpkin!

Daddy showing Michael how the pumpkins light up
"Ok Daddy, it's cold, dark and past my bedtime.  I think it's time to go in now!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joshua and Sydney!

Joshua has several little preety girl friends who are right around his age including Kenna from a picture below, sweet Sydney pictured here (daughter of good friend, Jeanne) and also little Jenna our sweet baby girl neighbor across the street.  What a lucky boy!
He likes being next to her! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun at the Dillon House!

We are having so much fun with our two baby boys!!  Jay and I feel so incredibly blessed to have one another and our precious boys.  We have made Monday nights our official "Family Night."  We have so much fun getting out and doing things like getting dinner and ice cream, going to the mall or a park, etc...  These first two pictures are of Joshua enjoying Family Night at the mall.  He is definitely our very smiley boy.  He is also our drooly boy!!  He always needs a bib!  It is so cute how Michael can already make him smile like nobody else can :)  I can't wait to watch them grow and become better buddies.  Michael is always wanting to know where "Joshie" is and loves to love on him.  

Loving playing in the exersaucer!!  This smile just lights up my life!!

Michael helping Joshua talk on the phone :)
My dear friend Krista's daughter, Kenna, who was born exactly 3 months after Joshua.  They are going to be good buddies :)
Michael and his buddy, Luke, my sweet friend Jessica's son having fun with their sunglasses!!  This was so funny and cute.  I was trying to capture the moment so fast I didn't wait on the camera to focus which is why they are kind of blurry... sad!

Does this not look like such the typical "guy" hug?!  Haha!
We had a great baptism service at The Cove on Sunday.  I meant to take many more pictures but keeping up with 2 boys at a park on the water can keep a mom pretty busy!!  We had a lot of fun though and loved getting to spend time with our wonderful church family!

Family Night at the mall!!  Michael would not smile here but look at this amazingly handsome man I get to call my husband :)  I am so blessed.  Not only is he the most incredible husband but he is also the most wonderful daddy!!
"Daddy, please get me down!"  (Michael had a pretty bad cold at this time and was not as up for playing as he usually is)

My baby is getting so big!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Vacation!

I am finally putting up pictures from our family vacation from the last week of August!  We had so much fun and went to Reynold's Plantation (an hour or so outside of Atlanta) for a few nights just the four of us and then went to visit Jay's mom and step-dad at the end of the week at their beautiful new home in Charlotte, NC.  We loved both our time just as family and our time with family.  We relaxed, swam in the pool, watched movies, ate some good food, played on the lake and enjoyed time together!

Michael is probably thinking, "Dad, I am way too big for this thing!"
But Daddy had a plan for how to use it!  (Don't worry, he just did this in our driveway!)
Michael loving it  now!
It was rainy so Jay and Michael played on the playground while Joshua and I sat in the car and watched!
Hot tub fun at home!

Playing in the pool
Slam dunk!

Michael loved the baby pool!  It was overcast and pretty breezy so Jay and I were pretty cold but it didn't seem to phase Michael.

We took him in to the indoor pool and indoor hot tub to warm up!  (Look at how purple he looks!  Poor baby!)

Sporting the mini van! :)

Cute messy hair!

Ready, set, go!!  (Michael loved jumping off the edge to Jay and like all kids, did it over, and over and over!)

Joshua relaxing in the comfort of his stroller  (Man I wish he would still take that pacifier!!)

Getting brave at the top of the water slide

Michael and Jay both loved this water slide!!  (I was scared to go down it with Michael for fear that I wouldn't be able to hold on to him tight enough... I let Jay do that!)

This is Michael's "I don't want to leave" face
Loving the bubble bath!
Brother's in the bath together... so cute!
Where is Michael?
Michael was getting excited to see Nan and Grandad!
So precious :)
Time with Aunt Lauren!
Hiding behind the stairs
He did NOT like these floaties!  It was cute and fun to try though!  Maybe next summer!

Beautiful view in the back
Pretty new home!
Michael and Daddy on the boat... Michael was so cute, he was really unsure about the boat ride.  
Joshua's first boat ride!
Kaci looking so cute on the boat in her life preserver!

Michael and I on the boat!
Jay and Craig being pulled on the tube!
Michael holding on to my skirt for dear life!
Jay did talk me into tubing with him and it was a lot of fun!   (Except for one scary moment when I almost fell off!)
I was sore for 3 days after this!  haha
Michael used this trip to perfect his skills going up and down the stairsHugs for brother :)
My little heart breaker :)

Playing piano with Daddy
Michael playing ready, set, go in the house
Kaci giving Joshua kisses right on the lips!!
Snuggles for Daddy on the back porch

So sweet :)
Aunt Lauren with her nephews!