Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lots of new pictures!!

Things have been so busy this month I have gotten so far behind on my blogging! So, here are quite a few pictures we have taken this month. At the beginning of the month we went to Birmingham for a few nights for the Desperation Conference. We had a wonderful time and loved getting to see family! It was a short time but we got to be with my Mama, Dad, amazing sister, soon to be brother in law, Drew, Jay's mom and grandparents and my precious friend, Rachel! We also got to see many other good friends at Desperation like my sweet Heidi :) Joshua is growing so fast and was over 10 pounds at his two month doctor appointment! Michael is talking so much and saying new words every day which is so fun! As soon as I get a chance (which may be awhile..haha!) I am going to post some cute video of the boys. Being a mommy of two is such a joy :)

I thought Joshua looked like a cute little bug in a cocoon here :) Thank you, Aunt Marilyn, for the swaddle wrap!!
Nan with her two boys!!
Joshua loves being held by Grandpa :) Michael loved being held like this too!
Sweet time with Grandpa otherwise know by Michael as "Bah Bah." They have quite a bond :)
Check out the big smile Joshua is giving Grandma!! So cute!!!
Sisters :)
The gang before heading to Desperation!
The Ladies
Nana and Gramps meeting Joshua (the boys great grandparents!)
The Dillon Family
Cuddles from Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma, Aunt Sara and Grandpa with our sweet boys!
Daddy playing piano with Joshua
Michael loves to help little Joshua do new things!
Joshua is such a laid back, sweet tempered, easy baby but... yes, he does cry too!! :)
So sweet :)
Joshua loves his Bumbo chair! Jay and I did notice it looks like he has his middle finger up in this picture...he didn't mean to!!
Michael hugging Joshua as he cries saying, "Joshie..." He is always the first to run to him when he cries.
Big, wet kisses from big brother!
My handsome boy
He knows he is not supposed to do this but can't help himself every once in awhile!
Sweet Anna, Pastor Jaime and Sandra's baby girl having fun in the pool! (Isn't she cute!!) We are so thankful for their family and so blessed by what God is doing through them!
Fun in the sprinkler!
Levi (Jaime and Sandra's oldest son) found a good climbing tree in our backyard!
Big yawns!
Pretty blue eyes :)
While I was taking a photo shoot of Joshua, Michael had to have has blanket to lie on for pictures too!
Beautiful boy :)
Hugs from Michael! Joshua looks a little scared here!
More cuddles :)
And more kisses... I promise this is not prompted by me at all... Michael is so affectionate with Joshua :)
Checking out his tummy
And another hug!
Daddy time!! (Notice Jay's newly shaved head!)
Kisses for Daddy :)
Luke, one of Michael's new good buddies, enjoying Michael's car! (This is a favorite toy among most of Michael's little friends!) I am so thankful for my new friendship with his sweet mama, Jessica.
The boys learning how to share!
Daddy bought me a new toy!
And I can't stop throwing it around the house :)
Sitting on his new potty chair (check out the crazy pj's for that night!)
He wasn't quite sure what to think about it!

Michael having fun with Lance! We have really enjoyed fun in the backyard this summer!

Check out this handsome boy! I am so thankful for my friendship with his mom, Christina.

A new double stroller I got for the kids at Babies R Us! Thank you so much sweet family and friends for the gift certificates! We are blessed to have two fun double strollers that we will put many, many miles on!

My sweet good friend, Elizabeth with Joshua :) I love getting to spend time talking with her and thank God for our friendship!
Jocelyn and Michael in the pool! (Don't be fooled, this was a shot taken in the maybe 10 total minutes they spent in the pool! haha! They enjoyed running around the side of the pool having Jennifer and I come after them!) The other ladies at the pool only thought they had come for a quiet day of laying out! We had a lot of fun though. I always love some good time with Jennifer! :) What a blessing she is to me!

Some cute Bumbo chair shots!

"What's Up?"

Smiling at his brother!
Little Joshua was diagnosed with torticollis at his last dr.'s appt. This basically means that the muscles on one side of his neck are shorter and tighter than the other side so he prefers to have his head to one side. You can sort of see in these pictures here how the left side of his head has flattened out a little bit from the way he has been sleeping. We will be doing physical therapy with him and know that through this and through the Lord's healing, he will be just fine! We appreciate any prayers though! :)