Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Scare

Last night we had our first health scare with either of the boys. I was visiting with Jennifer and Christa and we noticed that Joshua was sounding really congested and felt really warm. I took his temp. and it was 101.3! It came on very fast. I called the dr. and they told me to go straight to the Children's Hospital ER. Before leaving sweet Jennifer and Christa prayed over Joshua as did my family and Pastor Jaime on the way to the hospital. When we got there, his temp was 98.5! They did blood work and had to check his urine and do a chest x ray and they all came back perfect! Praise God for His healing touch!!
Precious baby boy

How cute is this?! Michael and Jocelyn on a walk with their sunglasses on while we were at the hospital. Thank you, Jennifer, for watching Michael! You are an amazing friend!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Glimpses of life with my wonderful boys :)

Joshua is starting to smile a little bit! :) Right now they are mainly those super cute sleepy smiles but I think he may have smiled in response to me the other day! We are enjoying him so very much. He is so easy going and has such a sweet temperment. He is such a blessing in our lives and we love him so much!! Thank you, Jesus for our second precious baby boy!

My sweet friend, Amy, got to come and visit us from Birmingham this weekend! We had a lot of fun together and went to the park and out to eat at a wonderful restraunt here and rented a girly movie and enjoyed church. She is such a awesome friend and blessing in my life and I am so thankful she came to visit us!

Joshua taking his very first bottle from Daddy! He did such a great job and drank almost all of it!

Cuddle time with Mama

Michael and I about to go down a giant slide!

Handsome boy :)

He holds his head up really good already!
Michael's very first golf lesson from Daddy!

Michael adores his baby brother. When Joshua is in the room, he has to be near him. He is attempting to play with him here by pushing his swing. He calls him "Joshie" and loves to give him hugs and kisses. I hope this sweet brotherly love continues as the boys get older!

Clapping along with The Wiggles, one of Michael's favorite shows!

Michael at the splash park we enjoy going to

This picture should have come last but here are Michael and Zachary getting a nice warm bath after playing outside for awhile in the baby pool and sprinkler. They have so much fun together and I am so thankful for my friendship with Zachary's mom, Krista :) She is a true blessing in my life.

Wow, Mom, this is fun!
Getting brave and tasting the water from the sprinkler!
He would stick his face in and run out laughing... it was really cute! I couldn't catch him laughing though and thought this was a funny face!

The boys being brave together!

Jay built Michael a fort to play under in our den. Didn't we all do this as kids? So fun!

Typical boy posture!

Have I mentioned on this blog Michael's love for shoes? He is obsessed with them!!

These next two pictures represent how I get ready at home when Jay is unable to help! Joshua in his portable swing and Michael still in his jumparoo! I don't know what I am going to do when Michael outgrows this jumparoo!

Uncle Drew

Joshua's beautiful Aunt Sara!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A week at our house :)

Michael's third haircut!! Jay talked me into letting him cut Michael's hair... :( I know it will feel better for the summer and he does look super cute but I miss his long blonde hair. Here is a sequence of pictures showing how Michael did during his haircut!
Ugh, guys, there is hair in my mouth!!

Happy now! :)

We had a lot of fun today on Jay's day off and had a picnic at the park. Jay packed some extra bread and Michael had a blast feeding the ducks. They were so cute!

Tummy time!

Michael eating a very messy dinner!

Waving hi to the camera

Michael helping Joshua keep his pacifier in. What a good big brother!

My three sweet boys :)