Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank you, Nan!

Jay's mama came this past week and helped us so much during this last stretch of bed rest. She was such a blessing and helped so much with Michael as well as cooked us some wonderful meals, cleaned and did laundry and let us go out on a date for our anniversary! She also got us out of the house and blessed us with the new baby's bedding at Babies R Us! Thank you Nan, we love you!

35 weeks 2 days!!

3 Year Anniversary

May 28 was our 3 year wedding anniversary! We have had an amazing first three years of marriage and I am so excited I get to spend the rest of my life with my wonderful husband. In these three short years we have lived in three states, had two children (about to!), been hospitalized several times for different things and grown so close through all of it. I praise God for our marriage and our little growing family.

Happy Memorial Day!

Michael had a blast playing at a good friend's house for their Memorial Day party! Poor Jay had to chase him and keep him from jumping in the pool, but Michael loved their dogs and the balloons!

Aunt Lauren

Thank you so much for coming and helping us last weekend, Aunt Lauren!! Lauren let Jay and I go see a movie together which we had not done in a long time! You are such a blessing to us and we love you!

An afternoon at the pool

We took our first trip to the pool last weekend! Michael had not been swimming since he was around 8 months old so we were so excited to see how he liked it! The big pool was pretty cold and he wasn't too crazy about it but he did have a lot of fun in the baby pool. I am so excited it is summer and am so thankful for Jay and Lauren helping me get out of the house!

Lotioning Michael up!
Michael and his Aunt Lauren

It's cold in here, Dad!

Fun in the baby pool!

Looking cool in Daddy's shades!

Mom, it is cold in here too :(
Warming up in the sun

Headed home!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Counting down the days of bedrest...

June 3rd is the official day I get off of bed rest! I will be 36 weeks and my Dr. says she will let me walk around again! I cannot wait! This process has been hard but the Lord has so faithfully taken care of our needs every single day. Each day He provides a good friend or family member to bless us with helping me take care of Michael and an occasional yummy meal on the very night where it is most needed. Thank you God and thank you precious family and friends so very much! I miss carrying my little buddy and doing all of my mommy duties. Jay has been absolutely amazing through this time and I am also so incredibly thankful for him. He has been full time worship pastor and full time daddy, which equals a lot of hard work! I feel like I used to take forgranted the little parts of being a mommy like changing diapers and bath time and these are some of the times I miss the most! It is just not the same to sit by while Jay does it without my help! I think this has forever taught me to treasure the tiniest parts of everyday life and count each moment as a blessing :)

Looking cool in Daddy's sunglasses!

Michael and his good friend, Zachary, sitting in the chair like big boys
First ride in our new double stroller! (Thank you so much Mom and Dad!)
My precious boy
Our two angels, Aunt Marilyn and Mom, who came to help during my time of bed rest!

Michael giving his baby brother kisses :)

Fun with Daddy!

My beautiful Mama and I

Beautiful Aunt Marilyn with the Dillon Family!

Words cannot express how thankful I am that Mom and Aunt Marilyn came to help us! I love you both so very much and could not have gotten through the week without you!

Michael and Jocelyn taking a ride in the double stroller!

I think Michael needs to get some crocks! Here he is wearing Jocelyn's cute girly ones...

And then Brandt's big boy green ones! What can I say, our boy loves shoes!