Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Things!

I got my hair cut last week and decided to post a picture even though it is a pretty bad cell phone picture! I will post a better one when I take another picture with me in it! We had so much fun this past weekend and went to Atlanta for Jay's cousin's wedding. We got to see a lot of his family which was wonderful and Michael spent the night in a hotel room for the first time! Here he is below in his daddy's shorts.. haha! We were a little bit worried about how he would do being in the room with us and he totally shocked us and didn't make a peep all night long! It was wonderful! Michael had fun playing with his 2nd cousin Molly who is almost exactly his age. The church had a sound proof room with huge glass windows in the back of the sanctuary which was perfect for Michael and Molly! They could run and laugh while the service was going on and nobody heard a thing! I was terrible at taking pictures this weekend so if Aunt Megan or Aunt Lauren send me more, I will post them soon!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday together. We went to church and the kids had a fun Easter egg hunt afterwards that Michael got to participate in this year! He was so cute running from egg to egg and as soon as he would find one, he would throw it back down and move onto the next one! He looked so handsome in his little button down shirt :) After church, Jay surprised both Michael and I with our own Easter basket's full of candy and goodies! What a sweet husband and great surprise!

Mom, my ear hurts :(

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beautiful Friends

I am so thankful to have these sweet girls in my life. God has blessed me with some precious friends here in Knoxville and I am so thankful to Him for these!

Jennifer, Carrie, me, Lisa and Emily

My Sick Boys :(

This past week both of my boys were sick. It was so sad! Michael and Jay both had their share of a bad GI bug and thank you Jesus, I never got it! Michael also had an ear infection.
I had a pretty bad chest cold that was lingering so we struggled through the week together as a family. Luckily today was a much better day and I think we are all getting better!

Michael loves shoes! He loves to put them on and try to walk around in them... so cute!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New toys for Michael!

Last week I went to a consignment sale here in Knoxville (I love these sales!!) and bought Michael and our new baby some cute summer clothes, a swing for our backyard and a slide playset! The playset and swing only cost $18 together! What a deal! Michael loves them and I am loving the pretty weather and letting him run outside!

Time in Birmingham!

Last week we went to Birmingham and stayed at Nan and Grandad's! (Jay's parents) They are moving at the end of the month and Jay had to gather his stuff from high school out of his room. They also blessed us with some beautiful furniture that they will not be using at their new house. Thank you guys!! We had a blast visiting and playing games together at night. Michael loved the park and playing with Casey. He also loved being cuddled by Nan and Grandad! We had a fun breakfast with Jay's grandparents and also got to play cards with them which was very special. We had a fun lunch with my family and Jay's mama at Taziki's and Aunt Marilyn got to see Michael after not having seen him since last summer! I also got to go wedding dress shopping with Sara, Mom and Marilyn which was so much fun!!! It was a short visit but we had a lot of fun!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bathtime with Jocelyn!

Jennifer brought Jocelyn over for a bath with Michael last week and the kids had so much fun bathing together! Michael was splashing and they both laughed and had a blast! Aren't they cute with their little pink and blue rubber duckies?

The bottom shot! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My silly boy!

I turned around for just a minute the other night and when I turned back towards Michael, this is what I found!! He had covered his face with red spagetti sauce! It was really funny and he thought it was too :) I then fed him yogurt, thus the yogurt lips :)