Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

"Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring to you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.  For there is born to you this day a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!" -Luke 2:10-11

Praise God that He gave us His son to be born a baby on Christmas day to save us from our sins and allow us to have relationship and eternal life with Him!  Thank you, God, that You love us that much!!

Christmas Sunday and Paradox Christmas Party

The boys looked so cute for church Sunday morning in their Christmas outfits!  Unfortunately, Michael is going through an "I don't cooperate well for pictures" phase so I didn't get a picture of him in his outfit but here is Joshua in his cutie pie red sweater vest :)
My boy loves to smile!!

We had a ton of fun at the Paradox Christmas party Sunday night (our amazing youth group!)  It was an ugly sweater / PJ party so the kids wore their cute matching PJs.  Michael had fun playing with Jocelyn and Joshua loved being loved on :)  
So cute in Jocelyn's Santa hat!

Michael fell asleep in the car on the way to the party (after not napping after church which is a whole other story... PLEASE, if anyone reading this has experienced their toddler trying to wean themselves of naps when they desperately need one, any advice is much welcomed!)  Anyways, he was a little shy of the crowd at first and stayed close to his Daddy.
Playing with Jocelyn's tea party set!
Best picture I could get of  him that night!  (Jennifer has a cute one of the 4 of us that i'll post soon)
Sweet Kristen and Joshua
Cute Jocelyn wearing Aunt Christy's tall boots!!
Playing piano with Uncle Jay!

P.S. Something happened to my camera this night and all of the pictures are a little blue tinted... will have to work on that!  Sorry!

Fun with Jocelyn!

The other day I got the privilege of watching Jocelyn for a few hours.  Michael had so much fun playing with her and I loved it too!  I definitely saw what it felt like to have 3 kids!  Not too hard! :)  But of course it was only for a few hours and Jocelyn is an absolute sweetheart.  Michael and Jocelyn love to say each other's names and play little games together and it is the cutest thing!

Lunch in front of The Wiggles... definitely the way to go for an easy lunch!
Jocelyn is too cute in Michael's sunglasses
Buddies :)
They had a blast playing the piano together... With Jay's genes in Michael and Jennifer's in Jocelyn these two may just be very talented one day with singing or playing instruments!

Handsome boy!
Pretty girl!

A few Randoms...

Jay and I created our first gingerbread house this Christmas!!  It only lasted a day or two before we stated to eat it.  Then we just threw it away and would you believe it, Michael got into the trash yesterday and dug it out and came out into the den with frosting all over his face and over his clothes!  What do you do?!  I should have taken a picture!
Michael is VERY into cars right now.  He loves his hotwheel cars and carries them everywhere we go... on errands, to church, to friend's houses, etc... Here he is lining them up on the piano :)
Joshua tasting his very first bite of cereal Dec. 5th, 5 days before his 6 month birthday.   I was determined to hold out on the solids with him until 6 months so that he would continue to nurse really well and caved a few days short!  I have to say though, he has been sleeping through the night ever since!  I guess it was time... my baby is growing up!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mountain Ridge Moms

Every Friday morning a group of incredible mama's from our church and different parts of Knoxville gather at my house for our Mom's Group!  We have so much fun with the kids and spending time encouraging each other and growing in our walks with the Lord and as moms.  I am so thankful for these amazing women! 
Our last meeting this semester we decorated Christmas cookies with the kids and did some fun crafts :)
Jennifer and Jocelyn

Sweet Trevor
Jessica and Luke

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving we went to Birmingham and had a wonderful time with my Mom, Dad, sister, Sara and Grandparents.  It was so good getting to spend so much time with my family!  We enjoyed catching up and playing with the kids.  We celebrated Jay and Michael's birthday's and also did an early Christmas celebration together.  We also ate lots of good food!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our week together!
Michael opening his birthday gift!!  

Wow!  Lightning McQueen!  Michael's all time favorite movie right now is Cars and he was VERY excited to get a real, live McQueen!  

Happy Birthday Jay and Michael!  Thanks for the wonderful chocolate cake, Mama!
So excited to blow out the candles!

And even more excited to eat the cake!  He LOVED it!
"More, More!"

I love this girl!!!  Sara is an awesome aunt and her nephews sure do love her!  This was the first trip where Michael was really able to say Aunt Sara and it was so much fun hearing him talk to her!  He asks for her almost every day here in Knox.  Wish so much we could be closer!!

My beautiful Mama... She is the best :)

One of Jay's birthday gifts :)
Photo shoot of my boys!
Love this smile!

So sweet :)

This is very common at our house... lots of laughter and silliness! :)

His smile just gets bigger and bigger... my sweet baby boy!

Another photo shoot of Joshua

Brothers :)
Getting tickled from my Grandpa!  Michael has such a special bond with Grandpa.  It is so sweet!  When we are at their house he is constantly asking for him.  They have so much fun together.
Sweet smiles
Fast asleep on Grandma's shoulder
One of many attempts at a family picture:

Playing in the leaves

Michael stacked all of his toys in Great Grandma's lap and then neatly lined them up near the fireplace.  
Sara and I cooking the gravy!  :)  

Being silly with Dad!

Presenting the meal! :)
Our Christmas celebration!  Michael LOVES opening gifts this year... it is so much fun!!

What's in here?
Wow!!  A dump truck!!
Sisters :)
Michael loves big trucks so we figured he would love the Uhaul we rented to bring some furniture back to Knoxville... he was so excited!
Practicing driving

Great Grandpa and Grandma with Joshua David :)

Aunt Sara and Uncle Drew with their nephews!  (Won't they be such a cute family of 4 one day?!)
Check out the look on Joshua's face here... priceless!  

The girls and the baby boys

Hilarious pic!  Check out one of Joshua's funny faces :)  I sure do love my boys!  All 3 of them!
Watching Cars with Lighning and his "guys" (Paci, Bear Blankie and Dog).
P.S. We are breaking Michael of his paci after the new year and would LOVE any ideas on how to make this as easy as possible!!!