Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas Jay, Michael and I had a wonderful week in Birmingham, AL with our family. Sunday night we had a wonderful night celebrating Jesus's birth with Jay's family at his house. We had a great dinner and had fun opening gifts and visiting. The rest of the week we visited with my family including my parents, sister and grandparents. We had an awesome time together! We ate tons of good food, had a perfect Christmas morning and had a blast watching Michael marvel at his new toys this year. I think one of his favorite things was taking the bows off of the presents! We enjoyed a Christmas eve service at our home church, Church of the Highlands and both got the opportunity to visit with precious friends from home. We also got to spend some special time with Jay's family on Christmas day at his Aunt and Uncle's house and had fun watching Michael with his 2nd cousin Molly who is very close in age.

Michael loves his puppy dog

Our very first real Christmas tree!
(Jay built a white picket fence to keep Michael away from the tree. He did a great job! He didn't get near it and it looks so cute!)

Mom and Dad's tree

Michael admiring the gifts on Christmas morning

He loved this toy dump truck with Lego's in it! It kept him occupied for much of the morning.

My precious family :)

Michael and his new mower!

Yay! Another gift!

My beautiful Mama and Michael

Taking a bow off!

Hugs for Grandpa :)

Time with his Great Grandma!

His new truck!

Clapping with Grandpa

More pictures to come soon from Aunt Sara and Aunt Megan's cameras!

Congratulations Adam and Vanessa!

We had a lot of fun getting to be a part of Adam and Vanessa's big day on Dec. 22, 2007! They both looked incredible and we are so happy for them.

The happy bride and groom :)

Jay, Adam, Maddox

Santa and a little Reindeer

The kids looked so cute at our Paradox Christmas party!! Michael had his Santa suit on and Jocelyn had the cutest reindeer antlers on! They were the life of the party and I know Michael enjoyed hanging out with the big kids!

Happy First Birthday Michael!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Michael's first birthday on December 7, 2007. We had a small group of friends over (to not make it too intimidating for Michael!) and had cake, opened gifts and had fun celebrating Michael's special day. He wasn't feeling very good on his birthday and by the end of the night had a 103.6 temperature. It turned out he had an ear infection in both ears... bless his heart. I'm pretty sure that is why I had a hard time getting pictures of him with his usual big smile. For being so sick he really did great though and had a lot of fun!

The dining room all set up for Michael's party!

Michael's cakes... I was so proud of myself for making the Cars cake all by myself!

Playing in the leaf pile with Nicole

Christy, Karrie and Carrie

Michael with his balloon (I couldn't get one with him smiling but he loved that thing!)

Michael's favorite babysitters and children's church teachers, Vanessa and Christine :)

Singing Happy Birthday

He wasn't sure what to think of the cake

Tasting a tiny bit

Getting a little more into it

Hugs for Daddy :)

Michael loved opening his gifts!

You can't really see it but he is thrilled!

Hugging his new Mickey Mouse

And Pooh Bear :)
He loves hugging his stuffed animals. It is so cute!

Trying to get the kids together for a group picture turned out to be harder than it seemed..haha!

Some Christmas Time Pictures :)

Mountain Ridge Church Staff Christmas Picture 2007

Our family Christmas card picture

Michael Caleb Dillon, our handsome boy!
At the park taking staff Christmas card pictures

Nicole and Michael :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big News!!!

Jay and I will be expecting our second child on or around July 1, 2008!!! We are so thrilled and can't wait to have this precious addition to our little family. Michael will be the sweetest big brother (we hope!) and the kids will be close in age which is exactly what we hoped for. I have been really bad at blogging lately because I feel so sick and usually only get computer time while Michael naps. Lately I have been napping myself while he does! But very soon I will put up his one year birthday pictures! I can't believe we have a one year old and a baby on the way! God is so good!

5 weeks 6 days... Just the size of a grain of rice! I got to hear his/her heart beating for the first time! The doctor said the heart usually starts beating around 6 weeks so we probably got to hear it the first day it started to beat! How awesome!

7 weeks 1 day.. growing a little bit :) You can see his/her arms here!

8 weeks 6 days (I think his/her head is in the left bottom corner). I got to see our baby kicking and moving at this visit!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy 26th Birthday Jay!!

Ok, so I know I am a little late but we celebrated Jay's 26th birthday on Nov. 24th! We had a fun day opening gifts, eating cupcakes and picking out our first real Christmas tree! Happy Birthday Sweetheart :)

My decorations!

Opening gifts with Daddy

Michael loves this football!
Haha this jacket is so puffy he couldn't put his arms down!!
Oh, there we go!
Our first real Christmas tree!
Our Dillon Family tradition: funfetti cupcakes!