Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sick :(

Our poor little buddy has been sick for the past 5 days with his first cold. He started sneezing last Thursday and by Friday he felt terrible. He has a little cough and a very runny nose. It hurts my heart to see him feel so bad. He is always so happy and smiley and this cold has made him more pouty than usual... its actually really cute though. When I start to walk away to say get something he puts his hands and his head down on the floor and starts wimpering like he is saying, "mom, where are you going?" and will slowly crawl after me crying. It breaks my heart! Please pray for him to get better soon. On top of feeling bad, his top two teeth broke through! So our little man has 4 teeth now! I'll post pictures of them soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A day in the life of our 9 month old!!

We always start out the day with a big hearty breakfast of a bottle and fruit with cereal...
Daddy is making him laugh here :)

Smiling for Mama

Next we usually play in the den for awhile... Michael has found Daddy's laptop case and the zippers on it are so fun to chew on!

Now he has discovered Daddy's guitar case...

"I think this would be fun to climb on!"

Watching a little TV...

This is why our bouncer seat was just put in the attic where it will wait for the next baby to use it properly... it was sad :(

Micheal and I have a fun game where I get on the floor and we crawl after each other laughing :)

Now it's time to spend some time outside watching Dad work in the yard...

And then off to the park! This was Michael's first time to swing and he LOVED it!! He laughed the entire time :) It was the cutest thing!

Next we go to the grocery store to do some shopping... Michael loves his little seat cover for the cart although I just couldn't get him to smile for this picture and people kept trying to get by me in the aisle so I finally gave up.. haha!

Then home for some time in the Jumparoo! Luckily he still really enjoys this while I make dinner :)

But after awhile he is ready to get out... this is the "mom, i'm about ready" look.

So out we go and its time to watch Dad again in the backyard! Michael loves watching us through the windows... it is so cute!

Crawling up Mama's legs.. he is starting to get a little sleepy here.

But it's never too late for one more smile! (Especially when its Daddy making him laugh!)

So that was a typical day in the life of us :) With the addition of several naps and feeings. Of course these pictures were taken over several days being that Michael is wearing like 10 different outfits.. haha :) I love being a stay at home Mom more than anything and we have so much fun together! This little boy makes Jay and I the happiest Mommy and Daddy around! He is a true gift from God and we love him more than anything.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mommy and Michael

Me being bathed in the sink a long time ago!

Michael Caleb being bathed in the sink!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Visiting Papa and Mimi in Columbus, Ohio!

Last week we visited Papa and Mimi in Columbus! We had so much fun together. Michael had really grown since they had seen him last! We had fun swimming together in the pool that Jay grew up swimming in. We also went to the zoo (Michael's first time) and visited Andy and Susie (Jay's step-brother and step-sister in law) and their cute 2 year old Deanna. Michael absolutely loved visiting their house! He had so much fun playing with Deanna, their dog and all of her toys! Jay got to play golf with his dad which of course was his favorite thing :) It was a great trip and a fun time to be with family.

Fun with Mimi in the pool! (He actually sort of jumped off the side to her several times!)

Crazy hair!

Michael checking out Leo the Leopard!

And trying to feed him! haha

Bathtime in the kitchen sink!

(I took a lot of these and had to post quite a few of them because I just couldn't choose my favorites! They are all so good :)

Three generation of Dillon boys!!

Kisses from Daddy and Papa!

I have the most amazing husband in the whole world! He is the most amazing daddy to Michael :)

The boys

Michael loves his Papa!!

Papa's "wazzzup" really made him laugh!

Excited to be at the zoo for the first time!! Mimi had a stroller for us to use that her mom had bought for the grandchildren :)

Papa making Michael laugh :)

Watching the merry go round with Mimi

Wiped out from the heat and excitement of new animals!

Michael really loves his Mimi!

In Mimi and Papa's car on the way to Andy and Susie's to meet them and Deanna!!

In Aunt Susie's lap playing with Deanna's baby bottle and blanket :)

Hugs from sweet cousin Deanna :)
Michael loved playing at Andy and Susie's house with Deanna and their dog and all of their fun toys! He crawled around and played for almost 3 hours without fussing until...

We tried to put him in a pack and play while we ate dinner... here is his please get me out look

And now his "I'm really serious guys, get me out of here!!"

And happy once again at the big people table eating his food :)