Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

My first official Mothers Day!

Sunday was my first Mother's Day! We got our picture taken at church which was fun and after church Jay surprised me with some beautiful roses and two Mother's Day cards...one from him and my first card from Michael! It was a great day :)

Our little family (doesnt Michael look like a little man here? :)

My card from Michael Caleb!

Precious Jennifer had her beautiful little Jocelyn May 7th! Our first picture together of i'm sure many!

Michael Caleb Dillon and Jocelyn Lane Fulmer

Michael with precious little Katie Early who was born 3 days after him.

I think he likes her!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One week in Birmingham: April 27-May5

We had two weddings in Birmingham two weekends in a row! Chip (Jay's cousin) and Danielle got married on April 28th at Botanical Gardens and it was so much fun to get to see all of Jay's mom's family! We had so much fun getting to catch up with everyone and it was great to introduce Michael to that side of the family! Then I stayed in Birmingham for the week while Jay worked on our new house. (Pictures to come soon!) I had an incredible time just relaxing with my family and getting spoiled by them :) We had so much fun going to Babies R Us. Grandma got Michael a new "Bumbo" chair and some other goodies. On May 5th, I was in my good friend Ginny's wedding and had fun yet again introducing Michael to some friends from high school.

The Dillon Family

Jay's cousin Amie Beth with her baby Molly who is 2 weeks younger than Michael!

Sleeping good in mama's bed!

He likes his new chair!

The bumbo started to float and Michael started looking a little unsure about it!

Even more unsure!

Asleep on the back deck

He is definately teething!

Watching TV

He loves stroller rides

With Grandma and Grandpa at Brio

Our waiter said he wished he was that limber! haha

Michael loved these puppets Grandpa found for him! They made animal noises in the tune of songs.

I think he is trying to say something.. haha

Flying with Grandpa is so fun!

Yay!! Daddy is back!! We missed him all week.

Michael is all smiles when he gets the chance to be in bed with us!